Heart of Gold

© Viv Tanner and Eli Baum

„Have faith and let Him guide the way.“

In an industry that’s primarily dominated by large publishers like Marvel or DC, creator-owned comic books face a tough act to follow. Despite the continuous growth of the independent market since the establishment of Image Comics in 1992, dozens of extremely talented artists still struggle to make a living with the very thing they love the most. Fortunately, with the rise of the internet and modern distribution possibilities, there’s been a progressive development which led to new ways of creating and presenting artistic works for a wide range of people. Crowdfunding projects such as Patreon and Kickstarter allowed people to display their projects and, at the same time, offer them for sale. Among the vast variety of great works that have emerged, a mousy web-comic, called Heart of Gold, caught my attention. Created by Viv Tanner and Eli Baumgartner, this remarkable story kept me standing in awe for quite a while. The gorgeous artwork with its pristine colors and its detailed characters establishes a feeling of certainty beyond any doubt. The plot, that’s built around a mysterious chapel, ties perfectly in and completes the picture of an ambitious piece of art.

In a small town in France, the priest Dunant holds an unusual kind of Mass: “faith healing,” where he promises to heal the ailments of the suffering with just a single touch of his hands. One of those people is Ionel, an albino pianist who struggles with failing eyesight that could end his career. But something about the priest’s blessing doesn’t seem right, so Ionel starts investigating

After being solely a web-comic for quite a while, Heart of Gold will soon be available in a beautiful hardcover edition that comes with various goodies ranging from bookmarks to an actual jacket. While the kickstarter-campaign is at the ready, people still have the chance to experience the quality of this comic book online. The first seven chapters can be found on the website of sparklermonthly.com and are accessible for any curious reader. However, as far as I’m concerned, I’m going for the hardcover! This is a must-buy!

And here is the kickstarter link!

RATING 4 1/2 out of 5 stars
Creators: Viv Tanner and Eli Baum
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